Excellent Review of Women in American History Encyclopedia from Choice, August 2017

What wonderful news to wake up to! The 4-volume Women in American History encyclopedia I co-edited with my wonderful friend Peg Lamphier received this review that shows the reviewer found all the things we tried so hard to do in the work.

From the review by R. Tolley:

“Care was taken to provide a woman’s best-known name as well as variants, and to include many lesser-known figures, including non-Protestants, lesbians, and women of color. The work is corrective in bringing those who were ignored into the story and succeeds in representing a wide spectrum of North American womanhood (including some Canadian and Mexican figures from history and folklore as well as individuals associated with the US proper and its precolonial past). Further, editors avoided gendered language and ideas reflecting patriarchal and militaristic ideology. Clarity regarding their subjects’ sexuality was another emphasis; the entry on Margaret Mead, for example, mentions her bisexuality.”

If you have a chance, send this on to a librarian you know and love – or drop a copy off at your local library and ask them to stock a set.

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