Cast and Crew of The Monkees Television Show from The Monkees Live Almanac [Photo]

Keeping my focus on the television program it’s nice to post this cast and crew photo – traditionally taken at the end of each season. (Found at The Monkees Live Almanac. A great resource for tons of Monkees info) This offers fans and students the chance to see just how many skilled and talented craftsmen and women are required to create television.

 In Why The Monkees Matter I discuss the work of several of these folks and how it contributed to the magic of The Monkees.  

#14 is of particular interest as property master Jack Williams actually appeared on the program and was referenced in a couple of episodes.  And many of these folks were invited in front of the camera in the Tag for the Christmas episode, reminding the audience of their contributions.

The pity is that, since writers work in offices elsewhere on the lot, they often don’t appear in such photos – as has happened here.  

Monkees cast crew

Monkees cast crew key

Link: The Monkees Live Almanac

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