From The Research Vault: Comedy Writer Treva Silverman Interview from the Emmy Foundation

One of my favorite parts of researching and writing the book was the fact that I met such interesting and wonderful writers from television’s golden age of sitcoms, the shows I watched as a kid and rewatched in reruns across most of my life.  

While we often become enamored of the actors and actresses we see in our favorite shows, I never forgot that the things they were doing and saying came from the imaginations of those other, elusive creatures known as writers. The chance to meet so many of them and hear their stories was precious.  

Here is an excerpt from the Television Academy’s oral history interview with writer Treva Silverman about her time working on The Monkees, Room 222 and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Comedy Writer Treva Silverman Interview from the Emmy Foundation 

Writer Treva Silverman – known for classics like Room 222 and the Mary Tyler Moore Show – broke into televsion when lady scribes were virtually nonexistent. Enjoy this excerpt from her Archive of American Television interview.

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