Out of the Research Vault: Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork on Nightwatch – 1986

Since Micky and Peter are conducting this current tour alone, this 1986 episode of Nightwatch, hosted by Charlie Rose, is quite fun to watch as it only involves the two of them. 

Out of Research Vault: Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork on Nightwatch - 1986

Micky discusses “Why now?” for their 20th anniversary tour in 1986 – and pins it all on the success of the premiere of the television show and the new generation introduced to it by MTV’s “Pleasant Valley” Marathon.  Peter discusses why the show worked – citing things I cover in the book about how The Monkees were originally considered dangerous (due to their long hair and connection to the counter-culture).  He also mentions how the fan base went from mostly female to nearly 60/40 female/male.  Then Micky discusses his directing career in England and how hard it was to leave it behind for this one summer – that he had no idea how long this one anniversary tour would last!

1986 MTV Monkees marathon ad from TV Guide

from The Monkees Live Almanac

The video is shaky but fun to watch because they are so deeply complimentary to each other’s talents, they talk about the ‘patrimony’ of the series in how the money made by the producers funded Five Easy Pieces and the new musical-variety version of the show they hoped to do in the third season that lead to the cancellation.

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