Quote from “America’s Forgotten Founding Father” by Dr. Rosanne Welch – 62 in a series – Back In Italy

Learn more about the American Revolution through the eyes of an important, Italian Immigrant, Filippo Mazzei. Read his story today!

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“Filippo kept busy corresponding with friends back in America and learned many good things about their lives. Fearing Flippo might not return to the States Giannini wrote with an offer to buy Colle, but Filippo did not choose to sell. Elsewhere in the area, James Monroe wrote to say he had finally been convinced by Jefferson to settle in Albermarle. Monroe’s new plantation, Highland, was but a half day’s ride from Monticello and Colle. Filippo wrote back immediately, rejoicing over plans for long conversations over dinners in their waning years.”

From America’s Forgotten Founding Father — Get Your Copy Today!

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From America’s Forgotten Founding Father — Get Your Copy Today!

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