Why The Monkees Matter Book Signings – Organization and Ideas

 Why The Monkees Matter Book Signings  

I have arranged for at least 2 book signings here in Los Angeles, but I am looking at other locations where interested fans can gather both here in the US and, if you can believe it, Europe!  

If you have any thoughts as to where a collection of Monkees Fans could join me for a reading and signing event, please share it here.  

Why The Monkees Matter Book Signings - Organization and Ideas
Preparing the first signed copy to go into the mail
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I am looking at the Palm Springs area, since I have family there, but I also have 3 trips planned that could provide for signing opportunities.  

In late July I will be in Catania, Sicily.  

In Early September, I will be attending and speaking at the SRN (Screenwriters Resource Network) Conference in Leeds, UK.

In November, i will be attending and speaking at the Citizen Jane Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri.

This also gives me the possibility of a signing event in St. Louis or Kansas City, depending on my flight decisions.  

I welcome your thoughts and also any assistance in setting up a reading and book signing in your area.  

I hope to meet you in person, soon. 

One thought on “Why The Monkees Matter Book Signings – Organization and Ideas”

  1. Hello Dr. Welch,
    First off I would like to thank you for your book Why The Monkees Matter. I like analysing things that I love, and few have been more prominent in my life than the Monkees. I have a degree in film and am currently back in school trying to choose a future path. I am now reading your digital addition, but I had to stop for a moment due to fact issues. Please forgive me but I did find two minor errors in regards to Micky Dolenz. I have a passion for research to the extent I currently work in a library and have taught research techniques in the past so when I like someone like I do Micky I tend to learn what I can. I want to give you accurate locations, but page numbers on the Kindle are less precise. On the second to last page of the first chapter before you conclude you make a joke about Hans Conried calling George Dolenz but George Dolenz died of a heart attack in 1963. The next is discussing the change in fashion for the second season. There was only one Paisley tablecloth at the time. Micky found it in a shop in London, and it was a tablecloth. He proceeded to cut a hole it to make a poncho.
    I know how involved writing books can be. I also acknowledge that these things I mentioned are minor and not like to be noticed by the casual reader. I just thought they were worth mentioning. I am sure that you will run into more fanatical fans than myself and know the facts will help you. I will not fact check anything else unless you write me back. I am not trying to be that person. Thank you for your time.
    Joey G.

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