Worthy Words and Music from The Highwomen

I’ve been a classic country fan for years (since the Oak Ridge Boys) and loved the original Highwaymen (Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson) so when I heard this new female 4some, The Highwomen (Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires) with this new version honoring female heroes across the eras, I fell in love all over again. — Rosanne

Worthy Words and Music from The Highwomen

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The Highwomen: Highwomen

[Verse 1: Brandi Carlile]
I was a Highwoman
And a mother from my youth
For my children, I did what I had to do
My family left Honduras when they killed the Sandinistas
We followed a coyote through the dust of Mexico
Every one of them except for me survived
And I am still alive

[Verse 2: Amanda Shires]
I was a healer
I was gifted as a girl
I laid hands upon the world
Someone saw me sleeping naked in the noon sun
I heard “witchcraft” in the whispers and I knew my time had come
The bastards hung me at the Salem gallows hill
But I am living still

[Verse 3: Yola]
I was a freedom rider
When we thought the South had won
Virginia in the spring of ’61
I sat down on the Greyhound that was bound for Mississippi
My mother asked me if that ride was worth my life
And when the shots rang out, I never heard the sound
But I am still around

And I’ll take that ride again
And again, and again, and again, and again

[Verse 4: Natalie Hemby]
I was a preacher
My heart broke for all the world
But teaching was unrighteous for a girl
In the summer, I was baptized in the mighty Colorado
In the winter, I heard the hounds and I knew I had been found
And in my Savior’s name, I laid my weapons down
But I am still around

[Verse 5: All]
We are The Highwomen
Singing stories still untold
We carry the sons you can only hold
We are the daughters of the silent generations
You send our hearts to die alone in foreign nations
And they return to us as tiny drops of rain
But we will still remain

And we’ll come back again
And again, and again, and again, and again
We’ll come back again
And again, and again, and again, and again


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