Hjem til jul (Home For Christmas)

Hjem til jul (Home For Christmas)

In my journey to watch television from other countries thanks to Netflix (hence ‘Samantha!’ and ‘Sintonia‘ from Brazil which I recommended here a bit ago) I’ve stumbled on a 6 episode 30 minute Norwegian comedy (with heart) about a single female nurse from a big family who pretends she’ll be bringing a boyfriend to Christmas Eve – and hen tries hard to find one.

I suggest watching it in the original language and reading the subtitles as it sounds so much more natural. You find it on Netflix under the Norwegian title – Hjem til jul, which means “Home for Christmas”. The last episode made me cry – the good kind of natural cry, not a forced one.

Everyone else is loved up, matched up and ready to hit those family dinners this Christmas season. Everyone that is, except Johanne. Determined to fend off those prying questions on her love life, Johanne sets off to find the perfect date for Christmas.


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