11 Guest Speakers Home & Away from Why (and How) I Created a History of Screenwriting Course [Video] (51 seconds)

A clip from my presentation at the 11th Annual Screenwriting Research Network conference. Held on the campus of the beautiful Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

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Guest Speakers Home & Away from Why (and How) I Created a History of Screenwriting Course [Video] (51 seconds)

In the presentation, I covered the reasons writers have been marginalized – and the reasons they oughtn’t to be so disrespected. Then I talked about how my course works, what books I assign, what guest speakers I invite, what research the students do – and ended on a high note by introducing ‘When Women Wrote Hollywood’ – the book of essays from our inaugural class which has now been published by McFarland.


What’s interesting about video game companies is they’re not just doing the games. They’re doing the cinematics you can look up online little five and six minute movies based on the characters and their games. Those are entirely written by film and television writers They do digital comic books and they do novels. They do an entire world built around these games. That is very successful. They told us in the meeting that when a movie in Hollywood opens and 100 million dollars is a big deal. When they drop a new game, it’s five hundred million so why aren’t we looking at this business and where our students can go, so it’s great. Now y’all aren’t from Los Angeles. That’s no fun but you’re can have guest speakers all the time on skype. So many people are willing to come in. We brought in English writers who were willing to sit at slightly 2:00 in the morning and talk to my students you know in our time. So I highly recommend you look around and do that.

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