Work in Progress: The Monkees – A Made for TV Metatexual Menagerie by Dr Rosanne Welch

monkees-4 squares with names (1)I’m hard at work completing my upcoming book on The Monkees, The Monkees – A Made for TV Metatexual Menagerie for McFarland Publishing. The book is scheduled for release in Spring 2016.

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Here are the current chapter titles, although this may change in the final publication. I hope you’ll check it out when it hits the stores!

Introduction: I’m (Still) a Believer 1. Sweet Young Thing: Contextualizing The Monkees with a Short History of Teenagers on Television, 2. Authorship on The Monkees: Who Wrote The Monkees and what was that Something They Had to Say? 3. Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow: Counter-Culture Comes to Television and Middle America via The Monkees 4. The Kind of Girl I Could Love: Feminism, Gender and Sexuality in The Monkees 5. Shades of Grey LAn Ethnic Studies look at Minority Representation on The Monkees 6. We Were Made for Each Other: The Monkees Menagerie of Metatextuality 7. We Were Made for Each Other: The Sequel: Nascent Television Aesthetic Techniques on The Monkee 8.  A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You Identity Construction and Confusion on The Monkees 9 Theme(s) from The Monkees Narrative Structure, Literary References and Themes on The Monkees 10. Salesman / What am I Doing Hangin’ Round? The Cultural Collateral of The Monkees 11. Music Innovation and the seeds of MTV

12. I’ll Be True To You: Fandom and The Monkees

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