Odd Monkees Merchandise found in my on-going Monkees book research

Another fun bit of random research. In looking to list as much Monkee merchandise as I can Google led me to the blog of Allee Willis, co-writer of the theme song to Friends, because she had posted a photo of a Talking Monkees doll she has kept since childhood — and I learned…

“When I co-wrote The Friends theme song, “I’ll Be There For You”, we were told to write something Monkees-ish. The Last Train To Clarksville definitely pulled into the station during those sessions.”

Monkees doll 3062 

Link:  Allee Willis Web Site

monkees-4 squares with names (1)

I’m hard at work completing my upcoming book on The Monkees, The Monkees – A Made for TV Metatexual Menagerie for McFarland Publishing.

The book is scheduled for release in Spring 2016.

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