Rosanne interviewed for “TedxCPP explores ripple” in The Poly Post [Press]

Poly post tedxcpp interview

During the intermission at TedXCPP last week, I was interviewed by a student reporter for The Poly Post, Cal Poly Pomona’s Student Newspaper. Here are some of my quotes from the article, TEDXCPP explores ripple” that appeared on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

Poly post tedxcpp

“The first speaker of the night was Rosanne Welch, who started her professional career as a television writer and producer and now teaches several courses across multiple college campuses including CPP. Her talk, titled “The Importance of Having a Woman’s Voice in the Room,” advocated for the importance of a woman’s perspective in screenwriting.

“I disliked not being able to teach girls girl stories,” said Welch. “I never understood the logic to that; I still don’t.”

Welch’s talk did not just speak to women. She emphasized the importance of allowing young boys to admire females and males in order to give them a well-rounded human experience.

“It’s hard to have two audiences,” said Welch. “But I wanted to remind women they have to learn to speak up, and I wanted to remind grown ups that boys aren’t afraid of that.”

Read the entire article at The Poly Post


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