From The Research Vault: Micky’s Many Hairstyles. Tiger Beat Magazine, 12–15, Benner, Ralph. (1968, January)

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Micky’s Many Hairstyles. Tiger Beat Magazine, 12–15, Benner, Ralph. (1968, January)

Micky hairstyles

Long hair was in, then long, long hair was out, then short-long hair was in and all the while controversies raged on about what type of hairstyle looked best—on boys and girls. This didn’t apply to the entertainers alone. Teenage hairstyles are a constant battle since now long, long hair on girls is the thing and at the same time Twiggy has made short, short hair very popular. What are you to do?The only solution for you or your friends or even for the entertainers who are constantly seen by the public is to wear your hair according to what you think looks best. This is what Micky Dolenz did and what did he run into but a rash of protests from fans. This hardly seems fair.


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