Vietnam War and The Monkees from Why The Monkees Matter Book Signing [Video] (0:48)

This book signing at Book Soup was wonderful – good people, good conversation (before and after the signing). Just another example of the kind of quality positive people who have been drawn to The Monkees across generations – I even met a former head of publicity for ScreenGems who had some fun stories to tell. — Rosanne

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Vietnam War and The Monkees from Why The Monkees Matter Book Signing



I think also the show introduced the audience to a lot of new political ideas that weren’t supposed to be on television, but as the writers told me, they were young. They were hip. They were using language that the censors didn’t quite understand so, by accident, they got through some ideas. One of my favorites is a scene where all four of the guys are playing a game of dominos and, at one point, they drop all the dominos flat on the table and Davy says to Peter, “What do you call this game?” and Peter says, ‘Southeast Asia.” Because the Domino Theory of communism that Johnson had put fortth — as putting forward was that we had to stop communism any time it started to spread or it would domino through the whole of Asia. So, literally they had just made a comment about the Vietnam War and the censors didn’t cut that out of the show.

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