More on Mazzei: Jefferson Library Collections including The Filippo Mazzei Archive

Mazzei cover small 2This series will focus on material I found while researching my book, America’s Forgotten Founding Father: A Novel Based on the Life of Filippo Mazzei.

While I only used a portion of my total research, there are a host of little tidbits of information on this amazing man which I wanted to share here. — Rosanne.

More on Mazzei: Jefferson Library Collections including the The Filippo Mazzei ArchiveJefferson Library Collections including The Filippo Mazzei Archive

The Jefferson Library is a gateway to information on Thomas Jefferson’s life, times, and legacy. To this end, the library collects comprehensively, including books, journal and newspaper articles, ephemera, unpublished research, websites, microforms, audio-visuals, photographs, and digital full-text files. In addition to all materials about Thomas Jefferson and Monticello, we acquire materials on colonial and early federal periods, revolutionary America and Atlantic history, worldwide religions and philosophy, and European arts and culture.  Topics of particular interest include wine and cuisine, slavery and natural rights, science and exploration, the University of Virginia, Jefferson descendants, and the legacy of Jefferson’s actions and ideas. 

The Filippo Mazzei Archive, courtesy of Sister Margherita Marchione, MPF. This collection includes comprehensive manuscript facsimiles of this Italian Founding Father; also included are the expansive research files of Sister Margherita.  Hundreds of publications are included uncatalogued by other libraries.

Visit This Site: Jefferson Library Collections includingThe Filippo Mazzei Archive

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