When Women Wrote Hollywood – 25 in a series – “Don’t Tell Everything”, Wr: Lorna Moon, Dir: Sam Wood (1921)

To highlight the wonderful yet largely forgotten work of a collection of female screenwriters from the early years of Hollywood (and as a companion to the book, When Women Wrote Hollywood) we will be posting quick bits about the many films they wrote along with links to further information and clips from their works which are still accessible online. Take a few moments once or twice a week to become familiar with their names and their stories. I think you’ll be surprised at how much bold material these writers tackled at the birth of this new medium. — Rosanne Welch

When Women Wrote Hollywood – 25 in a series – “Don’t Tell Everything”, Wr: Lorna Moon, Dir: Sam Wood (1921)

When Women Wrote Hollywood - 25 in a series -

Don’t Tell Everything is a 1921 American silent drama film directed by Sam Wood and starring Gloria Swanson and Wallace Reid. Wood apparently created this film in part from outtakes left over from Cecil DeMille’s The Affairs of Anatol (1921).[1] Wikipedia 

Marian Westover ( Gloria Swanson ) is loved by wealthy young Cullen Dale ( Wallace Reid ) and his best friend, Harvey Gilroy ( Elliott Dexter ), but the latter’s loyalty to Dale keeps him silent. After they both sustain injuries in a polo game, Cullen shows particular solicitude in caring for his friend. Cullen proposes to and is accepted by Marian, but she becomes jealous of his former girl friends, and when Jessica Ramsey ( Dorothy Cumming ) arrives and tries to capture Cullen, Marian fails in emulating her athletic prowess. Jessica invites the couple to a mountain lodge, but when Marian refuses to go Cullen sweeps her into an automobile and has a marriage ceremony performed. She returns home, and Cullen goes on to the lodge, keeping his marriage secret. A storm prevents Cullen from returning home, and Marian, in alarm, enlists the aid of Gilroy; at the lodge everything is explained to the satisfaction of all but Jessica.

This 1921 silent comedy/drama directed by Sam Wood, starring Wallace Reid and Gloria Swanson. Produced by the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation. The film began as an outtake sequence from Cecil B. DeMille’s The Affairs of Anatol (1921), and was expanded by director Sam Wood into a new feature. The survival status of Don’t Tell Everything (1921) is listed in the American Silent Feature Film Database as; No holdings located in archives. — Pamala Short, IMDB Information Page

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