Rosanne Co-Hosts Zilch #123 Monkees 101 – “Royal Flush”

Many thanks to Ken Mills and the whole Zilch team for choosing to air the new segment I’m co-hosting with Dr. Sarah Clark, “Monkees 101” on Global Monkees Day — what a way to celebrate!



Happy Global Monkees Day! Drs. Rosanne Welch and Sarah Clark debut their new series for Zilch! entitled Monkees 101. Join them for a fun, thoughtful romp through “Royal Flush,” the first episode of The Monkees to air 52 years ago today, September 12, 1966, and discover some of the deeper meanings of the TV show and music we all know and love to the cultural impact of the Monkees from 1966 all the way to the present. Aired on 9/12/18.


Listen to Monkees 110 – Royal Flush 

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