Quotes from When Women Wrote Hollywood – 17 in a series – The Unseen Laborer

Do you know about these women screenwriters? Many don’t. Learn more about them today! 

Quotes from When Women Wrote Hollywood - 16 in a series - The Unseen Laborer

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“Beranger’s professional career as screenwriter, scenarist, and adaptation writer was largely associated with Famous Players-Lasky Company, which later became Paramount Pictures.  Her best known work occurred in the late 1910s through the late 1920s. During this period, Beranger wrote an adaptation of Zona Gale’s novel Miss Lulu Bett, an adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920), and The World’s Applause (1923) plus a multitude of other screenplays, original and adapted.”

Clara Beranger: The Unseen Laborer
Amanda Stockwell

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