Quote from “America’s Forgotten Founding Father” by Dr. Rosanne Welch – 63 in a series – Mazzei In Later Life

Learn more about the American Revolution through the eyes of an important, Italian Immigrant, Filippo Mazzei. Read his story today!

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“Still interested in philosophy, Filippo and his family actively involved themselves with new ideas in horticulture all his life. He was able to afford the upkeep of his homes due to a pension from Tsar Alexander of Russia who took over all Poland’s debts when it was dissolved in 1802. Though he never returned to his beloved Colle, he continued corresponding with his friends in the United States all his life, with Jefferson being the most proficient writer.”

From America’s Forgotten Founding Father — Get Your Copy Today!

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From America’s Forgotten Founding Father — Get Your Copy Today!

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