“A Man Of Action Saving Liberty: A Novel Based On The Life Of Giuseppe Garibaldi” – 27 in a series

Mazzini said. “But we both know the army coming against you is triple the number you command. I do not wish to send men to their deaths.”

“Nor do I,” Giuseppe said. “That’s why we are a volunteer army. Fighting for the love of Italy. Any man who chooses, may leave, and yet few ever do.”

“Even though so many came with you from across the ocean?” Mazzini mused.

“The love of freedom has no borders,” Giuseppe said. “Nor should the Italian people any longer.” 

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2 thoughts on ““A Man Of Action Saving Liberty: A Novel Based On The Life Of Giuseppe Garibaldi” – 27 in a series”

  1. Hi Roseanne! What a wonderful book series. Are all of the books based on one man or several Italian people? If many different people, who are they? Is it better to begin with book 1? Are the stories in chronological order?

    1. Hey Thelma,

      It is a very inspiring series of books. I’ve written 2 so far and worked on some lesson plans for others. All the books are historical fictions based on a real-life Italian person (male or female) from the past or current from many disciplines like education or art or politics (and, of course, musicians – there’s a great book on Henry Mancini and one on Giuseppe Verdi as a matter of fact). They are all individual pieces so they do not follow any special order – dive in and read about a person who interests you. There’s a new one on Artemesia Gentileschi, a Renaissance painter — and the Getty just obtained one of her paintings so it’s fun to know more about her work. Here’s a link to the catalog: https://mentorisproject.org
      Thanks for reading the blog! I hope you and Melody are doing well. — Rosanne

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