Video: Qualities Women Want in Men #1 from How Doctor Who Redefined Masculinity

Dr. Rosanne Welch presents “How Doctor Who Redefined Masculinity: A Study of the Doctors and their Male Companions” at the Cal Poly Pomona University Library. Dr. Welch teaches in the IGE (Interdisciplinary General Education) program.

Qualities Women Want in Men #1 from How Doctor Who Redefined Masculinity



When you’re talking about what men are — I prowled the Internet to discover what women want in men, because men are the thing that women want them to be because they generally want to be with women. This is in no particular order. I put Intelligence first. it did show up on all the lists that I found, so thankfully that is a good thing. Respect. Humor showed up always within one, two or three. Always, that was a thing that women were looking for and I think we’ll see that obviously reflected when we’re talking about Tom Baker a minute ago. Empathy, I think is a new one. I know it’s on some lists and not other ones and that’s really going to be something we see reflected in Doctor Who. Didn’t used to be vulnerability. Empathy wasn’t something we thought men should have and yet no we’re going “Now that would make you completely human so why shouldn’t you have it. So, I think that’s a big one. Being a good parent or a possible good parent and likewise being a good son to your parents and that’s actually an old adage, if you marry a man, don’t do it until you see how he treats his mother, because that’s how he’ll treat you. So, that’s been an old wive’s tale about what to look for in men. 

A clip from this 5th talk on various aspects of Doctor Who presented by Dr. Welch. You can find Dr. Welch’s other Doctor Who talks using the links below.

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