Rory Williams – Family Man from How Doctor Who Redefined Masculinity [Video Clip] (1:13)

Dr. Rosanne Welch presents “How Doctor Who Redefined Masculinity: A Study of the Doctors and their Male Companions at the Cal Poly Pomona University Library. Dr. Welch teaches in the IGE (Interdisciplinary General Education) program.

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Rory Williams - Family Man from How Doctor Who Redefined Masculinity



How can we not talk about Rory when we talk about family men. Rory being, before Danny, the most recent male to travel with The Doctor. Think about Rory. We meet him and what’s his profession? He’s a nurse. He’s not a doctor. He’s a nurse. That is gender-traditionally a female job. So we have Rory who’s a nurse. That’s a definite choice.  Right? Macho is not nurse, except maybe 20 years form now. And yet, when Amy keeps getting the chance to choose between men – ooo The Doctor or Rory — she continually chooses Rory. Who, to her, is the manliest man, because he’s dedicated to her and their family. In fact, as we know, he’s so dedicated to her, he spends 2000 years guarding the Pandorica to keep her safe. 2000 years waiting to make sure no one can harm her. You can’t get better than that and that makes him a Warrior, as well, but a Warrior for the purpose of protecting a member of his family. That’s how deeply a family man he is and I think that is so cool.  

A clip from this 5th talk on various aspects of Doctor Who presented by Dr. Welch. You can find Dr. Welch’s other Doctor Who talks using the links below.

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