Kirkus Review – America’s Forgotten Founding Father by Rosanne Welch

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I’m happy to share this review for my book on Filippo Mazzei, America’s Forgotten Founding Father, from the Kirkus Review website.

I imagine all authors are nervous when hearing there is a professional review of their work available to view. But I fell in love with Filippo while researching this novel and figured other folks would, too. 

I’m especially happy they noted all the “intriguing historical tidbits” as those were so much fun to include.  It fuels my desire to get as many of those ‘intriguing historical tidbits’ into my new book on Garibaldi – but I admit that’s harder as these facts aren’t on the tip of my tongue the way American history is (after teaching it for the last 10 years) so the digging has taken me much longer. 

Read the review yourself!  And then (hopefully) order the book. Filippo did so much for our country, the least we can do is know his story.

Read the Kirkus Review – America’s Forgotten Founding Father

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