New Journal of Screenwriting Arrives With Lots of Information!

New Journal of Screenwriting Arrives With Lots of Information!

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It’s always fun when a new issue of the Journal of Screenwriting arrives in my mailbox, but this one’s pleasing on several fronts.

First, in my capacity as Book Reviews Editor, I’m able to publish several of my now-graduated students, often for the first time. 

In this issue I am also the co-author of an article extolling the marvelously successful conference held at Otago University in 2017.  

Also, two of the articles come from that conference – one by  my friend Carmen Sofia Brenes (Chairperson, full professor of poetics and screenwriting at the School of Communication of Universidad de los Andes) is about the 2016 film Jackie, about the life of American icon Jackie Kennedy, written by an American, Noah Oppenheim, and directed by Chilean Pablo Lorrain.

The second article is (not so jokingly) “10 Ways to f#ck up Your Female Characters” by two New Zealand female producers, Fiona Samuel and Kathryn Burnett. I’ve already talked about that one with many an MFA student. 

Ask your local university library to carry a subscription to the Journal of Screenwriting so you can read all the issues when they come out quarterly!

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