The Mentoris Project Book Trailer Featuring…ME!

Check out the new book trailer for the Mentoris series of novels on lives of influential Italian and Italian Americans that Douglas and I produced for the publisher.  I wrote (and recorded) the narration and Douglas did all the production and editing. On the main page the trailer appears below the fold, as it were —

All the Mentoris authors are proud of the work we’re doing in telling the stories of the men and women who mentored western civilization. From Cicero to Mancini (with my books on Filippo Mazzei and Giuseppe Garibaldi somewhere in the midst!).  If you need a good summer read, here’s a set of books to pick from – they come in paperback or ebook form.  It would be deeply appreciated if you bought a book – and shared the trailer on your socials!

The Mentoris Project Book Trailer Featuring...ME!

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