Where’s Her Movie? Singer, La Lupe – 10 in a series

“Where’s HER Movie” posts will highlight interesting and accomplished women from a variety of professional backgrounds who deserve to have movies written about them as much as all the male scientists, authors, performers, and geniuses have had written about them across the over 100 years of film.  This is our attempt to help write these women back into mainstream history.  — Rosanne

Where's Her Movie? Singer, La Lupe - 10 in a series

Lupe Victoria Yolí Raymond (23 December 1936 – 29 February 1992),[1][2] better known as La Lupe, was a Cuban singer of bolerosguarachas and Latin soul, known for her energetic, sometimes controversial performances. Following the release of her first album in 1961, La Lupe moved from Havana to New York and signed with Tico Records, which marked the beginning of a prolific and successful career in the 1960s and 1970s. She retired in the 1980s due to religious reason Wikipedia

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