Dr. Rosanne Welch at Golden Leaves Presentation 2017, Cal Poly Pomona [Video]

We had a great time on Friday April 14th as the Cal Poly Pomona Library celebrated all the professors who published books this year.

Dr. Rosanne Welch at Golden Leaves Presentation 2017, Cal Poly Pomona [Video]

People laughed at the fact that I had two books to discuss – the encyclopedia I co-edited with my friend and colleague Peg Lamphier – Women in American History: A Social, Political, and Cultural Encyclopedia — and, of course, my book about The Monkees – Why The Monkees Matter: Teenagers, Television and American Pop Culture.

Cpp golden leaves 2017

Each author was asked to describe their book. The encyclopedia came first (since Peg’s last name is Lamphier and the practice of alphabetical discrimination lives on). I let her have the honors since I knew I would speak about The Monkees’ book last.  Going last I also had to keep in mind that the rest of the audience had already received their awards and were anxious to get back to the delightful dessert table – so humor came to the rescue as I commented on how odd it was to be speaking about my favorite television show when I was six after other professors had spoken of Immanuel Kant and architectural digs in South America and Mass Spectatorship in Modern France.

Here’s how I closed out the show…

Thanks to Doug for taking all the photos and video – and to Peg for being such a great collaborator – and to all the friends and fans who have read the book and enjoyed learning more about the 1967 Emmy Winner for Best New Comedy Series.

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