Live Stream Today: “Why Researching Screenwriters (has Always) Mattered” with Dr. Rosanne Welch – 630pm EDT/330pm PDT – Sao Paolo, Brazil

You can watch the live stream of my talk today at 630pm EDT/330pm PDT using the link below.

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Brazil 10th Screenwriters´ hi Stories Seminar 1

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The presentation will also air on their campus TV station Wednesday and Thursday this week. 

10th Screenwriters´(hi)Stories Seminar 

Rosanne Is Keynote Speaker at 10th Screenwriters´(hi)Stories Seminar in São Paulo, Brazil - October 15-17, 2019

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It’s all thanks to my friend and colleague from the Screenwriting Research Network (who is actually the president of the network this year) Carmen Sofia Brenes who suggested me to the committee planning the seminar.

I’ll be speaking on “Why Researching Screenwriters (has Always) Mattered” which will be focused on the importance of storytellers in all cultures, and how screenwriters have become this last century’s most powerful storytellers thanks to the reach of technology. 

It’s a daunting thing to be asked to be a keynote speaker and I’ve been writing my speech for a few weeks now, still in a bit of a fog that such a fun thing should happen – but the tickets came today so now it’s a reality. I have to finish this speech (and the Google Slides that goes with it) – and PACK!

Here is a summary of my talk. I hope to have it recorded, too. Watch this space for information on a possible live stream of this event.


​To understand the world we have to understand its stories and to understand the world’s stories we must understand the world’s storytellers.

A century ago and longer those people would have been the novelists of any particular country but since the invention of film, the storytellers who reach the most people with their ideas and their lessons have been the screenwriters. My teaching philosophy is that: Words matter, Writers matter and Women writers matter. Therefore women writers shall be my focus. Why? Because they have been the far less researched and yet they are over half the population. We cannot tell the stories of the people until we know what stories the mothers have passed down to their children. Those are the stories that last. Now is the time to research screenwriters of all cultures and the stories they tell because people are finally recognizing the work of writers and appreciating how their favorite stories took shape on the page long before they were cast, or filmed, or edited. But also because streaming services make the stories of many cultures now available to a much wider world than ever before.

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