Golden Girls Creator, Susan Harris, Always Worth Knowing

Golden Girls Creator, Susan Harris, Always Worth Knowing

Susan Harris wrote her first freelance TV show in 1970, wrote for All in the Family and Maude from 1971-1973, premiered SOAP in 1977, followed it up with the spinoff of Benson in 1979, and The Golden Girls ran from 85-92. Though she retired in the early aughts her “Girls” have since been re-envisioned for audiences in Holland, Greece, and Chile.

How many years AFTER her last hit show went off the air and she – the writer – is known for those shows — not the many journeymen directors who came and went – so much so that in June 2024 June 8 to be exact) the Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword puzzle included this question: 1 Across, 4 letters: “Emmy-winning sitcome created by Susan Harris.” Answer: “SOAP.” The explanation: “Former TV writer and producer Susan Harris created quite a few hit TV shows, including “Soap”, “Benson”, “The Golden Girls” and “Empty Nest”.

LA Times Crossword 8 Jun 24, Saturday - LAXCrossw….

THAT is how writers should be written about (especially by other writers) and why I’m editing a book of essays/chapters on The Works of Susan Harris!


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