Video: Davies, Moffat, and Feminist Characters from Doctor Who: Feminism in the Whoniverse

A clip from this longer presentation – Doctor Who: Feminism in the Whoniverse with Dr. Rosanne Welch


Watch this entire presentation – Doctor Who: Feminism in the Whoniverse with Dr. Rosanne Welch

Dr. Rosanne Welch ( speaks on “Feminism in the Whoniverse” of Doctor Who, the BBC television program now in its 50th year. She reviews each of the Doctor’s female companions and speaks on how they are represented in the program and how they represented the women of their respective periods.


The other thing they tested, when they did this, was the two male writers of the program of the last generation of it. Russell Davies, who I mentioned already is an out-of-the-closet gay man in England, has a better scale of passing this feminist Bechdel Test then does Steven Moffat, a heterosexual, married guy. A man who spends his life with a woman does think about how women are represented in his work, nearly as much as the gay man. 

Feminism in the Whoniverse was presented at the Cal Poly Pomona University Library where Dr. Welch teaches in the IGE (Interdisciplinary General Education) program.

This is the 4th talk on various aspects of Doctor Who that Dr. Welch has presented. You can find these talks using the links below.

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