10 Doctor Who in Hollywood from The Doctor Who Changed the TV Universe – Dr. Rosanne Welch [Video]

Doctor Who in Hollywood from The Doctor Who Changed the TV Universe – Dr. Rosanne Welch [Video]


Then we rebooted “Doctor Who” and even in the David era it was getting there because David was known from “Harry Potter” so there’s a fandom there that’s bringing it together but it was this moment when they debuted Matt – they were like okay we are gonna make a push in the United States. This is going to be so important. That billboard is on Sunset Boulevard in LA. Where normally it’s just a bunch of upcoming movies right or big albums that we expect. So the idea that you could bring this billboard and expect that the people driving by in Los Angeles knew who he was and what that show was. That was an amazing Step In global television and of course Craig Ferguson down there was a Dalek because he’s from the UK anyway so he knew what it was. He was kind of insinuating his love of “Doctor Who” into – but late late night. Not everybody stayed up for the late late night but everybody drove down Sunset Boulevard.


In this presentation given at the 2022 San Diego WhoCon I had the chance to trace the many ways Doctor Who changed the TV universe. By focusing on the interesting and innovative things the many writers did with the show across the years we were able to see the Who footprint by becoming the first narrative program to reach 50 years on the air, the first to create a spin-off across the ocean, and a show alongside Star Trek that created the Con-craze that brought the world of cosplay to the mainstream. Perhaps most importantly, a love of Doctor Who lead more Americans to watch programming from other countries – from Korean dramas to Mexican telenovelas – which has so enriched our culture.

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