Newspaper Interview with Dr. Rosanne Welch – Pomona Reads! community reading event set for this Saturday

I was interviewed for this article on Pomona Reads, which takes place tomorrow, Saturday October 14, 2016.

You can find complete information at Pomona Reads on Facebook.

From the article…


The community reading event will also include a talk about the television series “Dr. Who” by Rosanne Welch, who teaches humanities courses in the interdisciplinary general education department at Cal Poly Pomona. Welch has written about the show and “Torchwood,” a show spin-off.

“Dr. Who” is a British television science-fiction series that has a large following and which has been produced by the BBC since 1963.

Welch’s talk will appeal to both those who are longtime fans of the show and for those just learning about it. The series is a good example of the pairing of creativity and quality writing, Welch said.

The main character in the show is an alien who travels through space and time with different companions. The departure of actors playing the main character has not hurt the show. Instead, the changes have provided show writers a way to give the alien character and his companions new adventures, Welch said.

“They’ve really become a huge worldwide phenomenon,” she said.

One generation enjoyed “Dr. Who” in their youth, and they introduced it to their children and now their grandchildren are following it, Welch said.
“Dr. Who” offers “a positive look at the future,” Welch said, while most science fiction tends to be dystopian.

The alien finds goodness in earth and its people, “and he’s a champion for us,” Welch said.

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