05 Writing and Directing from Why I Created a History of Screenwriting Course [Video] (0:44)

A clip from my presentation at the 11th Annual Screenwriting Research Network conference. Held on the campus of the beautiful Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

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05 Writing and Directing from Why I Created a History of Screenwriting Course [Video] (0:44)

In the presentation, I covered the reasons writers have been marginalized – and the reasons they oughtn’t to be so disrespected. Then I talked about how my course works, what books I assign, what guest speakers I invite, what research the students do – and ended on a high note by introducing ‘When Women Wrote Hollywood’ – the book of essays from our inaugural class which has now been published by McFarland.


Spike Lee is, of course, famous for that. Spike Lee wrote this film — his first film alone but every film after he’s had a co-writer and those co-writers names barely appear on the poster yet obviously they’re necessary to process. Same is true here for Black KKKlansman his new film. The producer Jordan Peel has a bigger credit than Kevin Willmott who co-wrote the film. No one even knows who Kevin Willmott is and he’s written two of Spike Lee’s most important films. Jordan Peele we know and look at his own poster written directed by very big so we are used crediting directors. Some directors are kind enough to tell us, it’s collaborative effort all I can take credit for is the directing. So this is the attitude that I’m trying to instill in my students.

Watch the entire presentation

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