“When Women Wrote Hollywood” Panel at Denver Pop Culture Con [Video] (40 minutes 48 seconds)



On Saturday June 1, 2019 from 12:30 pm to 1:20 pm I had the great joy of hosting a panel at the Denver Popular Culture Con celebrating the work of 4 of the alumni of our Stephens College MFA in TV and Screenwriting – Sydney Haven, Amy Banks,  Mikayla Daniels, Kelley Zinge – who themselves were celebrating the female screenwriters they each researched and wrote about in our book “When Women Wrote Hollywood”

Learn more about the Stephens College Master of Fine Arts in TV and Screenwriting 


Learn more about the Stephens College Master of Fine Arts in TV and Screenwriting 

The audience enjoyed the comfortable style of our panel along with the stories they had to tell of women who ran their own studios, wrote/produced/directed and often starred in their own films which all came under the banner of the Con’s “Reel Heroes” track. Women such as Bess Meredyth, Fredericka Sagor Mass, Jane Murfin, and Lillian Hellman are heroes to the many female artists doing that same work today against the ridiculous comments about whether or not studios can risk loaning so much production monies to ‘untried’ talents.  We need to tell these stories over and over so that those comments can be relegated to the historical trash heap on which they belong. 

So enjoy listening to these newly-minted scholars and remember their names – along with the names of the women they honored with their writing.  And many thanks to Sydney Haven for suggesting we submit a panel proposal!  It was a great weekend!

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