Rosanne Hosts The New Mentoris Project Podcast – Episode 1 – No Person Above The Law – Judge John Sirica

Hosting the Mentoris Project Podcast has been both fun, engaging and educational – I love meeting and interviewing writers from all over the country and learning about their subjects.

In my latest conversation with Cynthia Cooper, author of No Person Above the Law: A Novel Based on the Life of Judge John J. SiricaI learned more about Watergate and Judge John Sirica, the justice who caused Nixon’s resignation than I thought possible. 

Did you know how many times those infamous tapes were requested by the court?  Or how many tapes there were in total?  Imagine being the man tasked with listening to them all and having to decide which information might be top secret and which information could be released to the public.

Listen to this interview and hear all about it!

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