“When Women Wrote Hollywood” Now at the Los Angeles Public Library!

Do you know about these women screenwriters? Many don’t. Learn more about them today! 

Read it from the Los Angeles Public Library Today!

Happy news!  

When Women Wrote Hollywood is now available at the Los Angeles Public Library thanks to our friend, Wendy Horowitz. 

If you have friends who were interested in reading but low on cash, tell them to check it out. 

And this is a reminder that if you want your local library to carry a copy, you need to ask a librarian. They have a form you can fill out that requests what books you’d like in their stacks. You can also send or give them this flyer with all the pertinent information!

When Women Wrote Hollywood Flyer (PDF)

Ask today so someone else can read tomorrow!

Get When Women Wrote Hollywood Today

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** Many of these books may be available from your local library. Check it out!
† Available from the LA Public Library

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