11 Globalizing The Story from The Doctor Who Changed the TV Universe – Dr. Rosanne Welch [Video]

11 Gloalizing The Story from The Doctor Who Changed the TV Universe – Dr. Rosanne Welch [Video]


Then the fact that you simulcast the newest Doctor. Simulcast because as we got it we always knew the show aired at this hour and you got it and then you had to wait eight hours to see it here etc. Then they realized no that audience with the internet and the explosion of the internet there’s no possible way we can keep the secret it’s going to disappear before we have the chance to enjoy it. So they literally put in the effort to simulcast that moment of changing the character – changing an actor on a show. How could that become so important because Doctor Who. I think that’s really cool. Now slowly because of Doctor Who it’s that long tail thing now other shows you’re being able to sort of jump on that bandwagon and people are saying oh let me look at that. So for instance of course there’s the new All Creatures Great and Small. What I love is all of a sudden by accident some of the shows I chose as examples they all have connections to Doctor Who right? So, for instance, this is the new All Creatures Great and Small but in the top corner I have the original All Creatures which I watched on PBS originally and that’s connected to Doctor Who because… Peter Davidson came to us from that show and then moved into Doctor Who. So I think that’s fun and actually, the bottom picture is how much fandom gets you. When we happened to be lucky enough to go to an event in Leeds we took a train to Thirsk and that is the home of James Herriot and that is the James Herriot Museum. It’s the smallest and most popular little Museum in the whole of that section of England and it was kind of fun and they had a little area where they showed you the set from the original show because we were here before the new show had started. So I’m kind of interested to know how they’ve expanded their Museum but that’s the power right of now globalizing the story.


In this presentation given at the 2022 San Diego WhoCon I had the chance to trace the many ways Doctor Who changed the TV universe. By focusing on the interesting and innovative things the many writers did with the show across the years we were able to see the Who footprint by becoming the first narrative program to reach 50 years on the air, the first to create a spin-off across the ocean, and a show alongside Star Trek that created the Con-craze that brought the world of cosplay to the mainstream. Perhaps most importantly, a love of Doctor Who lead more Americans to watch programming from other countries – from Korean dramas to Mexican telenovelas – which has so enriched our culture.

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