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Rosanne speaks in Cal Poly article, “Vagina Monologues’ Seeks to Empower Women and Inform Campus”

Come one!  Come all – (if you live near Cal Poly Pomona) and see my colleague Peg Lamphier and I perform in this year’s Vagina Monologues tomorrow (Tuesday the 16th) at 7pm on campus.  Tickets are $10.

Click below for an article about the event – and our participation – with quotes.  Support a student journalist and give it a read!  And, yes, some video will be posted after the show is over..

“Auditions were open not only to students, but to staff and faculty as well. After noticing that on a poster, Professor Rosanne Welch, who holds a doctorate degree in American social history of the 21st century, was inspired to audition.

“Peg Lampher and I are really big feminists and we talk a lot about it with our students,” she says. “I went over to her and said, ‘We should put our money where our mouth is.’ ”

After auditioning, the pair was cast in one of the last monologues of the show. Welch says it is perfect for them because the topic is childbirth, and they are both mothers.

Throughout the experience, Welch’s favorite part has been watching the students take control.

“I was proud to watch them, but I was also a little bit sad because a certain number of them have had things happen to them in their past which brought them to work with the Women’s Resource Center,” she says. “The fact that they are able to put on this presentation and take control of the night is a beautiful gesture.””

Read the entire article, Vagina Monologues’ Seeks to Empower Women and Inform Campus

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Please tell your local librarian about my book, Women in American History: A Social, Political, and Cultural Encyclopedia and Document Collection

We know our new 4-volume encyclopedia Women in American History: A Social, Political, and Cultural Encyclopedia and Document Collection is not the kind of thing an average person purchases based on size and cost (though I remember a pre-internet time when door-to-door salesmen still hawked the Encyclopedia Britannica and my mom bought a copy to help me do well in school and get to college).

In this modern world, if you want to help Peg and I (and all the students who can benefit from learning about all these wonderful women who helped shape American culture) consider passing a copy of the attached flyer out to your local public or university librarians (in print and/or via email) and ask if they will order a set for their branch.



Click to download the PDF flyer, ready for printing or attaching to an email






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Dr. Rosanne Welch talks “The Monkees” on the Zilch Podcast [Audio] Check it out! via Instagram